Hello, My Name Is…

Blank name badgeAm I the only person who is terrible about naming characters?

I have more than a few projects that include such place holders as “____” and [insert name here], and so on. It’s lovely. Really. Very engaging.

Sometimes I know right from the start who my character will be, and what he will call himself; so not all of my projects are this way (lest you think I have a whole drawer full of dejected, nameless characters… how sad!). Sometimes it takes me awhile before I know one of my character’s names. And yes, there are those few who are still waiting for inspiration to strike. But from where?

Part of my day job is working in events. I regularly print up attendance lists and name badges for various functions, and it can be pretty amazing to see the diversity amongst what people call themselves, or the names they’ve inherited. Whether given names, or the occasional nickname, there are so many fascinating combinations that just scream for you to take notice. So why is it so hard to decide on a name for a character? There is no shortage of options.

Names say something about your character. Before we spend pages and pages getting to know him, we first know his name. It’s a first impression. A name can be reflective of the character’s traits or personality, or it can be a complete misnomer, like a chihuahua named Bruiser. A name sets expectations. It can be symbolic; it can reveal something about a character’s culture. Alternately, a name – and a character’s reaction to it – can tell us something about his family or his past.

For me, I think it boils down to indecision. Naming a character just seems so final, so decided. But, I know as I continue working on these various projects, the names will come.

Where do you find inspiration for naming your characters? Is it a struggle, or do names come naturally to you?

2 thoughts on “Hello, My Name Is…”

  1. Possibly the process of naming a “character” is somewhat like that of selecting a name for a newborn child. Will the name reflect the personality or character of the individual. Will the name be a burden, source of ridicule, or inspiration. At least the writer knows the character before it is “born”. That newborn baby has to live with it’s name.

  2. For me, I think it boils down to indecision. Naming a character just seems so final, so decided.

    This. This is also why I have trouble naming characters. Once I’ve named my character, the options go from infinite to a small string of text tied to a persona.

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