Practice, practice, practice

Roughly 10 years ago I took my first guitar lesson at Oakland University. Since then, I’ve mostly fallen off the bandwagon, relying on the same 6-8 chords and using a capo when I play. It’s comfortable, but not the most innovative.

Well yesterday, I finally started up guitar lessons again, and I’m excited for someone to push me to get better.

When we met for my lesson, my teacher said: “So you’re Greg, the adult beginner!”

Weird, to think of myself in that way. Music has been a big part of my life — from the time I was a little kid, through high school and college. But it’s true, I’ve slacked in the last few years.

Balancing work and life and a multitude of interests isn’t easy.

“Let’s start you on a Dave Matthews Band song,” he said. “You’ll sound like all the college kids learning to play guitar!”

Well, there’s that… but it was funny. I’m not the college kid, I’m not the young kid in piano lessons, or school choirs, or marching band any more. I guess I am the adult beginner.

Learning this song gets me using a chord I’m not familiar with, and incorporating some finger picking along the way,

My teacher was super patient despite my fumbling fingers. I had to remind myself to be patient too.

Practice, practice, practice….

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